Monday, October 25, 2010

Nobody Knows It But Me

I have only one heart
Just one
And I wish right from the start, it had known
Who to hold on to
And what not to feel
Who should it beat for
and who not to believe
It would make life and loving
A lot easier
Much less complicated

Now all I have are these bits and pieces
And a thousand memories
There are remnants of the joy and tears
The painful ones and the bittersweet
Nobody knows it but me

At the end of the day
Here I am
Reminiscing like a madman
Chasing my dreams away

But after all,
When everything else will fade away
And the time will come to pass,
The numbers won't count
The million heartbreaks will be forgotten
And the many faces will just linger as a memory

What we have now
is this

And this is all that we'll ever need.

"So miss him. Wish him light and love whenever you think of him. Then drop it."

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